opkg packages for nodewatcher firmware.
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nodewatcher opkg packages

This repository contains opkg packages used in the default nodewatcher firmware. Opkg packages are used by OpenWrt and you can include all these package as an OpenWrt feed into your firmware to get access to them.

Some packages which are available are for the following software:

  • nodewatcher-agent – a monitoring agent for nodewatcher
  • tunneldigger – both client and broker
  • nodeupgrade – a program to flash devices with new version of nodewatcher firmware

To add the feed to your OpenWrt firmware, add src-git nodewatcher https://github.com/wlanslovenija/firmware-packages-opkg.git to your firmware's feeds.conf and run ./scripts/feeds update -a.

Source Code, Issue Tracker and Mailing List

For development wlan slovenija open wireless network development Trac is used, so you can see existing open tickets or open a new one there. Source code is available on GitHub. If you have any questions or if you want to discuss the project, use development mailing list.