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Jul 25, 2013

  1. rewrite ``indexin`` function according to @timholy and using comprehe…

    rename to indexin
    rename to indexin
    wlbksy authored

Jun 02, 2013

  1. Jameson Nash

    WINDOWS 64: let the user know that their backtraces are dreadful

    vtjnash authored
  2. Jameson Nash

    fix #3031. backtraces for WIN32 and (sometimes) WIN64

    vtjnash authored

Jun 01, 2013

  1. Jeff Bezanson

    fix A[]=x for Array and BitArray

    fix gen_cartesian_map in the case of ranges===()
    JeffBezanson authored
  2. Jeff Bezanson

    remove redundant function name from some error messages

    avoids some bloat in the string table
    JeffBezanson authored
  3. Jeff Bezanson

    several BitArray improvements

    . make length() faster by storing the length
      . this speeds up bounds checks a lot
    . check that BitArray{N} is constructed with N dims
    . avoid allocating dim vector for 1-d BitArrays
    . fix 0-d BitArrays
    . make BitArray(dims) better typed
    . faster size(::BitArray, d)
    JeffBezanson authored
  4. Jeff Bezanson

    tolerate dlclose(C_NULL). fixes #3211

  5. Jeff Bezanson

    Merge branch 'master' of

  6. Jeff Bezanson

    add union and intersect for multiple IntSets

May 31, 2013

  1. Jameson Nash

    update language for make.exe required replacement to b…

    …e more confident
    vtjnash authored
  2. Jeff Bezanson

    Merge branch 'master' of

  3. Jeff Bezanson

    probably fix #3243

    might also fix #3232
    The bug was that in some of my calls to fl_applyn, some of the arguments
    allocate objects, and so could trigger GC, thereby moving arguments that
    had already been evaluated. Therefore sensitive to the order in which the
    C compiler evaluates function arguments.
  4. Jeff Bezanson

    replace delete! with splice! for arrays. fixes #3023

    also adds the ability to replace the deleted items with a third argument
  5. Jeff Bezanson

    use int(randbool()) in parallel docs. closes #3259

  6. Jeff Bezanson

    more improvements to complex ^, for #3246

    also a fix to Rational->Int conversion
  7. Stefan Karpinski

    rename: jl_zero_denormals => jl_zero_subnormals [#3105, #3255]

  8. Stefan Karpinski

    Merge branch 'master' of

  9. Stefan Karpinski

    loading: . in LOAD_PATH redundant; always look in Pkg.dir() first.

    This closes #2968 since changes to JULIA_PKGDIR are immediately
    reflected in Pkg.dir() which is now always considered when requiring
    things before looking in LOAD_PATH. Having "." in LOAD_PATH was
    redundant since the find_in_path logic *already* looks for files
    that exist first. I suspect that all of this logic needs some
    regularization because it's pretty lumpy right now, but this does
    the trick and closes the issue without breaking things.
  10. Patrick O'Leary

    Merge pull request #2379 from pao/topic/2123

    Move Sphinx plugins and format to Python package
    pao authored

May 30, 2013

  1. Stefan Karpinski

    Revert "temporary workaround for #3232" [#3243]

    This reverts commit 952c979.
    I'm reverting this since doing so allows OS X to build again.
  2. Keno Fischer

    Fix typo in copy for IOBuffer

    Keno authored
  3. Jeff Bezanson

    make float mod and rem consistent. fixes #3127

    use them to improve float fld and div.
  4. Jeff Bezanson

    rename denormal to subnormal and fix zero case. closes #3105

  5. Jeff Bezanson

    use power_by_squaring for complex^integer. fixes #3246

  6. Jeff Bezanson

    enable complex tests by default

  7. Jeff Bezanson

    Merge pull request #2891 from JuliaLang/jh/kahan-complex

    Implements Kahan's versions of elementary complex functions
  8. Viral B. Shah

    Merge pull request #3236 from JuliaLang/db/jlsparse

    ViralBShah authored
  9. Jeff Bezanson

    Merge branch 'master' of

  10. Jeff Bezanson

    fix #3240, delay some pointerref and pointerset errors

  11. Jameson Nash

    provide download link for 32-bit MinGW-w64

    vtjnash authored
  12. Jameson Nash

    unsupport the mingw32 compiler. closes #3241

    vtjnash authored

May 29, 2013

  1. Jeff Bezanson

    temporary workaround for #3232

    not a real fix, but hides the problem, which is better than
    nothing for now.
  2. toivoh

    Reexport bsxfun from Base for #3218

    toivoh authored
  3. Keno Fischer

    copy/peek for IOBuffer and some module introspection. Close #3229

    Keno authored
  4. Jeff Bezanson

    fix #3234, empty function with keyword arguments

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