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A widget for interactive selection of directories for R Shiny Applications

directory widget


Provides an input for users to select directories via an interactive, and os native dialog, rather than having to type in paths in a textInput().

NOTE: This is intended to only be used with locally run shiny applications. It will not work on server deployed applications because it uses OS shell calls to present a directory choosing dialog. There is currently no way (that I'm aware) of securely presenting a client side directory selection dialog from a hosted web application.

Install the package

First install the shiny R-package from CRAN as it is required:


Then install this package from github:


Run the demo

Simply run the code to see the widget in action:


Use the widget

In global.R in your own app (create it if it doesn't already exist) add the line:


In ui.R:

  • Add the widget
directoryInput('directory', label = 'select a directory')
  • Add the widget with a default value
directoryInput('directory', label = 'select a directory', value = '~')

In server.R:

  • Important: Pass session into the server, it is used to communicate with the client-side widget
shinyServer(function(input, output, session) {
  # ...
  • Invoke the dialog
path = readDirectoryInput(session, 'directory')
  • Update the widget value
path = 'path/to/directory'
updateDirectoryInput(session, 'directory', value = path)
  • Example: Observe when a user clicks the ... button to select a new directory
  ignoreNULL = TRUE,
  eventExpr = {
  handlerExpr = {
    if (input$directory > 0) {
      # condition prevents handler execution on initial app launch
      # launch the directory selection dialog with initial path read from the widget
      path = choose.dir(default = readDirectoryInput(session, 'directory'))
      # update the widget value
      updateDirectoryInput(session, 'directory', value = path)