Android App registering temperatures and locations of nearby BlueMeastro Discs.
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Social Thermoregulation-Android

Android App registering peripheral temperature of humans via and of locations of nearby BlueMeastro Discs.

The social thermoregulation app can be used in experience sampling studies to measure individual regulation or co-regulation of temperature in human participants. The app was designed to test Social Thermoregulation Theory (IJzerman & Hogerzeil, 2017; IJzerman et al., 2015) and is ultimately intended to be applied in the real world in social thermoregulation therapy (IJzerman, Heine, Nagel, & Pronk, 2017).

If you want to use this app for your own research (and build on the app for novel use), please refer to it as:

IJzerman, H., Ligtenberg, W., & Verbeke, W. (2017). The Social Thermoregulation App. Available at Github:

Please note that the time line for delivery for this version of the app was tight, hence the rather rough way that the extra functionality was added to the Bluemaestro code.

A server back end was also developed and made available here: