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Game state synchronizer for SotM. Uses a server to share state changes between clients connected to each game. Clients are browser-based and built with the Aurelia SPA framework.

##Geting Started

  1. Install a recent version of NodeJS (it needs to come with npm version 3 or later), the current LTS release is fine
  2. Install a good text editor of some sort. Aurelia defaults to VS Code
  3. Run npm install -g aurelia-cli
  4. cd into server and client each and run npm install

##Running the Application

  1. Open a bash prompt, cd into server, and execute npm start
  2. Open another bash prompt, cd into client, and execute au run --watch
  3. Open a web browser and point to localhost

##Running Tests

  • Client
    1. cd into client
    2. Run npm run all
  • Server
    1. cd into server
    2. Run au test (you can add --watch if you want tests to run whenever a file changes)