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A simple application demonstrating direct uploads to S3 using Python
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General: The files in this repository are, unless stated otherwise, released under the Apache License. You are free to redistribute this code with or without modification. The full license text is available here.

Other: The script s3upload.js is copyright 2013 tadruj. Please find more information on this script at its home repository. It is released under the Apache License, and the full license text is available here.

Direct-to-S3 uploads in a Python application running on Heroku

Simple example demonstrating how to accomplish a direct upload to Amazon S3 in a Python web application.

The example focuses on Flask as the web framework and is targeted for use on the Heroku platform. However, nearly all of the code could be used as-is in other Python frameworks (such as Bottle and Django).

This is the companion repository to the Heroku article, Direct to S3 File Uploads in Python.

This code is mostly ready to be run as cloned, but a function update_account() will need to be defined to handle the storing of the POSTed information.

Running the application

Deploying the application (see the article Deploying with Git for more detailed information)

  • Download and install the Heroku toolbelt
  • Commit your application to a local Git repository (e.g. git init, git add ., git commit -m "version 1 commit", etc.)
  • Create the application on Heroku by adding a Git remote ($ heroku create)
  • Push your code to the new Heroku repo ($ git push heroku master)
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