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SimpleRick PCB v1.1

Field Value
Version 1.1
Author William Meng
Date 08/06/18
Designed in Upverter
License TAPR OHL
Dimensions 2"x3"
Layers 4
Manufacturer JLC PCB


See BOM spreadsheet listing all components to be soldered to the board.

Additional hardware

Minimal setup

Setup for debugging

  • SMA splitter
  • SMA to BNC adapter
  • BNC cables
  • oscilloscope with probes

Assembly Instructions

  1. Use stencil to apply solder paste.
  2. Pick and place SMD components.
  3. Reflow.
  4. Manually solder through hole components.
  5. (optional) Solder test points to pads on back.
  6. Solder header pins to Teensy, then attach it to header pins on SimpleRick.
  7. Solder jumper wires to boost converter, then attach it to header pins on SimpleRick.
  8. Solder female SMA connector to piezo, then connect it to SimpleRick with SMA cable.
  9. Attach piezo to servo motor however you like. I used hot glue.


  1. Flash SimpleRick firmware to Teensy.
  2. Connect RTL-SDR and low pass filter with SMA cables.
  3. Follow instructions for using rtl-ultrasound software.



Rendering by OSH Park OSH Park rendering Bare PCB, front and back bare PCB


Assembled PCB, front assembled front Assembled PCB, test points on back test points Side view side 1 Another side view side 2 Close up of analog circuits analog circuits close up


Connecting XL6009 boost converter to VPOS and GND boost converter Solder piezo to female SMA connector piezo Attaching piezo to motor piezo with motor piezo with motor, other side Anechoic chamber anechoic chamber Making the connections connections with cables overall setup minus laptop with laptop and oscilloscope

Next Steps

Fix errata in PCB layout:

  • swapped labels for V_PIEZO and GND testpoints
  • some silkscreen labels are cutoff by vias
  • GND testpoint for V_GAIN is inconveniently placed too close to V_GAIN testpoint

Other things to be improved:

  • high current traces should be wider
  • add bleeder resistor between V_PIEZO and GND
  • insufficient decoupling for servo motor
  • separate AGND and DGND planes
  • reduce usage of high value MLCC due to supply shortage
  • use larger components for VUSB filter
  • get premade connectors for attaching Teensy
  • LEDs for: 5V, 3.3V, acquisition
  • servo power rail needs more decoupling
  • make silkscreen info (author, license, version, etc) more readable... consider moving it to back
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