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A simple PHP/JS terminal for making credit card charges with the API
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stripe-terminal: A simple credit card terminal for

stripe-terminal is a single form that allows anyone with a account to submit credit card charges from any web browser.


  • Simple javascript validation of data
  • Stripe.js token generation (credit card data doesn't touch your server)
  • Mobile browser friendly


  • Stripe account
  • PHP web environment serving pages via https

Stripe accounts are free but require a US-based checking account to actually create charges. Test charges can be made from a page served over http.


Just clone this repo into a clean directory. stripe-php is included as a submodule so using the --recursive flag will get you everything:

git clone --recursive git:// .

Then just set $key_publishable and $key_secret in index.php and you're good to go. provides "test" and "live" API keys, you should start with your test keys and refer to the Stripe Testing FAQ.


The demo is running in test mode, but please don't submit real credit card information.

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