This project is based on an example project from the book "The Road to learn React"
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From "The Road to learn React" book.


Run yarn install to install de project and dev dependencies.

Starting the app

Run yarn start to start the application.

After starting the app it should be automatically opened in the default browser.

Running tests

Run yarn test to run the automated unit tests.

Run yarn run test:e2e:cypress to run the Cypress end-to-end tests.

Run yarn run test:e2e:protractor to run the Protractor end-to-end tests.

Note: local server needs to be up and running.

Running end-to-end tests on CI

Run yarn run ci:cypress to run the Cypress end-to-end tests on CI mode.

Run yarn run ci:protractor to run the Protractor end-to-end tests on CI mode.

Here CI mode means that a local server will be automatically started before the tests run, and the server will be automatically shut down when the tests are finished.

Build status

The build status based on execution of unit and end-to-end tests can be found below.

Build Status