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Lima Shelter 2.0


Update of the Shelter 2.0 design to simplify the construction and and reduce material usage, using design details in the smaller 8x8 Shelter 2.0 design.

Although several of the parts have been fabricated, a complete structure hasn't been built from thus design yet so there could be problems. Consider yourselves warned.

And just because someone will ask, it was named for the city in Peru and not the bean.

Changes and issues

  • The Lima Shelter has 2 more sheets of 1/2" material, but 11 less sheets of 3/4".

  • Everything is cut with a 1/4" bit

  • The files are somewhat material agnostic, and can be made from material that's close to the designed size

  • The half-lap connections in the rib parts have been replaced with bolted splice plates. They are both easier to assemble and much faster to cut

  • The longitudinal slotted stringers that connect the ribs have been replaced with purlins that are fastened with screws into small plywood "wedges" that are cut from some of the 1/2" sheets. This allows the ribs to be narrower, giving more interior room. The use of these wedges allow us to fasten into the face of plywood instead of the edge, a much stronger connection.

  • Shallow dimples (on their own layer in the files) mark the location of pilot holes for the screws. You can se these dimples to drill through holes with a hand drill and a bit sized for your crews, or tollpath tham as thru-holes and drill them with a seperate bit

  • There's now one door instead of two...2 doors ended up being a pain! This also allowed us to create a solid wall version that only requires a few cutting mods, and mounting the trim pieces on the outside of the endwall, instead of on the inside for a door. The Sketchup model should help illustrate that

  • This version doesn't have any windows. We haven't come up with a great idea for them and figured we would see what others came up with.

  • Most of the bolts are now 1/4" or 6mm, and can be either hex bolts or carriage bolts (preferred). The only exception are the bolts holding the sleepers together...they are still 3/8". If using Hex bolts we recommend using flat washers under the head, and regardless of what kind of bolt you use, a washer under the nut is always a good idea.

  • Several pieces of AtFAB furniture have been added to the waste areas of some of the 3/4" sheets. Thanks SO much to Ann and Gary for allowing us to include their designs. You may ONLY cut their furniture along with these Shelter files...if you want to cut more contact them at

  • This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.


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