An evalb implementation for LCFRS
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Extension of the evalb program, to evaluate discontinuous constituency trees. In the absence of discontinuity, this program should yield the same results as EVALB, but you should check that for yourself. This program returns precision, recall, f-measure and exact match. It expects its input data to be in export format (Brants 1997).

Comparsion is done on the basis of "signatures", bags of labeled bracketings for non-terminals. To match the sentences which are to be compared, the program uses the export sentence numbering. Missing sentences in answer affect the result. An EVALB parameter file can be specified (e.g., the included file proper.prm to ignore root node & punctuation).


You can install the script by typing

$ python install --user

If you have super user privileges and want to perform a system-wide installation, omit the --user option.

Version and License

Current version (check git tags) is from January 24, 2014. The program is licensed under GPL V2.