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One of the ways of building a relationship between a freelance developer and a client is to offer econtracts built into your web interface. Econtracts is a movement towards a faster and more seamless contract process and experience.

  • The default contract clauses included in Workice was written by AND.CO and is vetted by the Freelancers Union and automatically complies with the Freelance Isn’t Free Act.
  • You and your clients can sign contracts online.
  • Get alerts when the contract is viewed or signed.


To modify contract clauses, go to Settings -> General Settings and click on Clauses button at the top bar section of the settings page.

Create Contract

To create a contract, Go to Contracts and click on Create button.

You will be redirected to contract creation form where you can enter contract information.

  • Contract Title: - The Contract Title
  • Client: - Client associated with the contract
  • Start Date: - Contract start date
  • End Date: - Contract end date
  • Fixed Rate: - Select Yes to set a fixed rate for the contract
  • Fixed Price: - If the above field is set to Yes enter the fixed price in monetary value.
  • Hourly Rate: - Set the contract hourly rate
  • Currency: - The currency to use in the contract
  • Services: - A comma separated list of services e.g web design, consulting etc
  • Who will own your work: - Select who owns the copyright of your work.
  • How long should client have to countersign the contract: - number of days the client has to sign the contract. e.g 14 for 14 days
  • Description: - Contract description text
  • Payment Terms: - Number of days a client has to pay for each invoice
  • Late Payment Fee: - Late payment fee as percentage/monetary value
  • Late fee is percent: - Whether the field above (Late Fee) is a percentage/monetary value
  • Project Termination Notice: - Number of days a client should notify you on contract termination
  • Cancellation Fee: - Amount to charge a client incase they terminate the contract without cause
  • Required Deposit: - Amount of money to be paid upfront
  • Right to include in Portfolio: - Right to include work attribution in your portfolio
  • Add Non-Compete: - Add Non-Compete clause
  • Revision Requests: - Number of allowed revision requests
  • Sexual harassment clause: - Add sexual harassment clause

Once you are done entering the contract information, click Save to generate a contract for your client.

Contract Page

Sign and Send

To sign the contract, click the green Sign and Send button and type your name. Once you have signed the contract, Workice will send an email to client to review the contract and sign.

Contract PDF

Click on PDF button to doanload PDF version of the contract.


Click Share button to get a link that you can send to your staff/customer.


You will receive an email once your client views the contract.

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