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Support older versions of git which don't have format specifier %B

%B (raw message body) can be replace with %s%n%n%b where %s is commit
summary, %n newline and %b message body.  This makes the script work on
RHEL 6 which comes with git 1.7.1.
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wmanley committed Mar 14, 2012
1 parent 9a4d84f commit d42d9dbf19075e9bb2f19f4868ed7bd2159cbfd2
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@@ -355,7 +355,7 @@ sub processbranch
# Write the commit message to a file
- system("git log -1 --show-notes=review --format=format:\"\%B\%nCommitter: \%an - Date: \%aD\%nGIT SHA: \%H\%n\%N\" $revision |grep -v git-svn-id >$COMMIT_MESG/${revision}") == 0
+ system("git log -1 --show-notes=review --format=format:\"\%s\%n\%n\%b\%nCommitter: \%an - Date: \%aD\%nGIT SHA: \%H\%n\%N\" $revision |grep -v git-svn-id >$COMMIT_MESG/${revision}") == 0
or die("Could not get log message");
my $svn_url = geturlforbranch($branch);

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