Measures the binary bloat caused by each line in a C/C++ program
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bloat-blame [options] binary


bloat-blame is a tool for working out how many bytes each line of source code takes up in a C++ program. It uses addr2line and readelf to parse debug info.


  • --extent [all|.text]: Specifies which bytes within the binary should be analysed


bloat-blame depends on:


  1. Build your program/library with debug info turned on:

     $ CFLAGS='-g' make
  2. Run bloat-blame on the resulting binary:

     $ bloat-blame ./myprog

bloat-blame will output something like:

22     src/main.c:22
213    src/main.c:23
7653   src/bloat.c:324

This is a list in ascending order of size. The first column is the number of bytes apportioned to the file/line in the second column.


bloat-blame is Copyright (C) 2012 YouView TV Ltd. and is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 or at your option any later version. See the COPYING file for more information. This licence was chosen to be consistent with GNU binutils.