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git meld README

NOTE: git meld is obsolete since git difftool learnt the --dir-diff option in git 1.7.11.


git meld [options] <commit>{0,2} [--] [<path>...]


git meld is a git command that allows you to compare and edit treeishs between revisions using meld or any other diff tool that supports directory comparison. git meld is a frontend to git diff and accepts the same options and arguments.

It is essentially an extended git-difftool for tools that support comparing directories rather than having git call the external tool for every file that has changed


Show the differences between the staging area and your working directory:
$ git meld

Show the differences between HEAD and the staging area (i.e. what would be commited if you were commit now:

$ git meld --cached
Show the differences between two commits ago and the working directory:
$ git meld HEAD^^
Show the differences between the tips of branch master and branch topic
$ git meld master..topic

Show all the changes made to branch topic since it branched off branch master

$ git meld master...topic


Add a git alias to your gitconfig with:
$ git config --global alias.meld '!/path/to/git-meld/git-meld.pl'

Alternatively add:

meld = !/path/to/git-meld/git-meld.pl

To your ~/.gitconfig


The following additional git configuration variables are available for setting up git meld for using diff tools other than meld:

Controls which diff tool is used.
Override the path for the given tool. This is useful in case your tool is not in the PATH.
Specify the command to invoke the specified diff tool.


git repo, bug tracker and wiki for git meld are available on github at https://github.com/wmanley/git-meld


git meld uses "git diff --name-only" to extract the files that have changed between the two commits and then makes a copy of these files into a temporary directory before invoking meld on these copies.