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OSSDL overlay for Gentoo

Author: Mark Kubacki <wmark+overlay@hurrikane.de> et al.

After using Gentoo for 13 years I have moved away.

I do believe that creating binaries in isolated environments, and then installing those binaries, is the most efficient way to go: Without that kind of isolation not only your USE-flags and program versions influence the outcome of a emerge run. Whatever is already installed on your system has a say, too.

For example, you cannot emerge a static curl but leaving (dynamic library) libssl.so on the system for other packages. You would need to patch build scripts of curl, or temporarily removing libssl.so only keeping libssl.a. And there are behemots like MonetDB which check for 8+ other dependencies, ignoring any configure flags.

I found it easier to run Portage in a docker container, from a minimal base system, for every package and its dependencies I want to receive. But for collecting those minimal builds I don't need Gentoo anymore.

Installation and Usage

To install:

mkdir -p /var/portage/overlays
cd $_
git clone [address-of-overlay] ossdl

nano /etc/portage/make.conf || nano /etc/make.conf

After the next emerge --sync or eix-sync -u the new packages should be available for search.


Some packages are masked in Gentoo's main tree. If you want to unmask only the ones of this overlay you can do so by adding to your /etc/portage/package.unmask:




The binhost is no longer open to the public, and for registered users only.

Find pre-compiled Gentoo packages here: (removed)

Obviously you will have to point Gentoo's Portage to these overlays. Modify your make.conf as follows:

FEATURES="parallel-fetch getbinpkg"

-- Mark Kubacki, 2012-08-01, 2012-09-29, 2013-08-10