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mysql-5.5.28 lacks a symlink for mysql_install_db in /usr/bin #2

PAStheLoD opened this Issue Oct 7, 2012 · 3 comments

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First of all, thanks for the good work! And luckily it looks like a trivial issue, but here's the problem:

running "emerge --config =dev-db/mysql-5.5.28" fails after asking for the new root password, because it can't find mysql_install_db in /usr/bin, even though it's in the package and gets installed into /usr/share/mysql/scripts/.

wmark commented Oct 7, 2012
wmark commented Oct 11, 2012

The wrong link is in the mysql-v2.eclass. Unfortunately I cannot work around it from inside the MySQL ebuild.

I would need to copy it from Gentoo's main tree to the overlay — which is no good idea as the eclass will need to be constantly synchronized with Gentoo's. Can I ask you to report this issue on Thanks!

@wmark wmark closed this Oct 11, 2012


Thanks for the reply. There's already a bug for the 5.5 branch since 2011-11. Disgraceful.

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