Unity Egg Timer -- A timer applet like timer-applet for gnome but for Unity
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== Unity Egg Timer ==

Why doesn't Unity have any tea timers or egg timers? Gnome-panel had a great timer applet but with 12.04 I had no luck.

I don't know :(

This was easy enough to write.

Currently it lets you maintain a single timer, you can add 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes to it
and then it counts down per second unless finally it notifies you that time is up.

This is version 1

=== your ~/.eggtimerrc

The example eggtimerrc is written in json, feel free to define your own custom macros
actions are: "alarm", "run" or "both". "alarm" shows a dialog box, "run" runs the "command" and "both" runs the command shows the dialog box

This ~/.eggtimerrc is what I use:
		"name"    : "Boil Water",
		"time"    : 180,
		"action"  : "run",
		"command" : "~/scripts/warn.sh Water\\'s Ready"
		"name"    : "Steep Tea",
		"time"    : 120,
		"action"  : "run",
		"command" : "~/scripts/warn.sh Tea\\'s Ready"

Future work:
* [X] Run an application
* [X] Remember favorite times
* [ ] Add a UI to maintain favorite times
* [ ] Icons



License: GPL 3.0
Language: Python
  Copyright (C) 2012 Abram Hindle abram.hindle@softwareprocess.es
  Copyright (C) 2012 Bill Traynor
  Copyright (C) 2011 Shritesh Bhattarai shriteshb@gmail.com