@wmcbrine wmcbrine released this Jan 1, 2019 · 38 commits to master since this release

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New features

  • Avoid conflict with ncurses by having apps define PDC_NCMOUSE before
    including curses.h to invoke the ncurses-style mouse interface,
    instead of NCURSES_MOUSE_VERSION. (The old way will also still work.)
    After Simon Sobisch (see PR #33).

  • In SDL, the box-drawing and block ACS characters are now rendered in a
    font-independent way, to ensure their correct alignment across cells.
    Underlining is now handled in a similar way.

  • TTF fonts in SDL are now rendered in Blended mode instead of Solid.
    Partly after Joachim de Groot.

  • New default fonts and font sizes for SDL/TTF.

  • SDL2 now builds under MSVC. Partly due to Alexandru Afrasinei.

  • Documentation re-org -- more Markdown internal links; moved to man/
    dir (the doc/ dir name was too similar to docs/, which is needed for
    GitHub Pages hosting); concatenated man page document now made
    permanent, under the name MANUAL.md; new man build utils; merged
    sdl.md and x11.md into their respective READMEs; changed some
    redundant and unclear comments.

  • Directory re-org -- in addition to the above, created common/, to
    unclutter the root, and eliminate a few more redundant files from
    platform directories. (We already had "pdcurses", but that's for the
    portable core; "common" is for files that are more platform-specific,
    though shared by more than one platform.)

  • Broke out the redundant ACS tables and moved them to common/.

  • PDcurses' "bool" type is now based on stdbool.h, when available. There
    should be no conflicts when including stdbool.h either before or after

  • The demos are no longer built by default, since they add a lot of time
    to the build, and often aren't wanted. But you can still build them via
    "make demos" (tweak as needed).

  • Makefile tweaks for cross-compiling by Simon Sobisch.

Bug fixes and such

  • Improved Windows console resizing, when reducing the vertical size.
    After Ulf Magnusson. (See GitHub issue #26.)

  • Bring back ifdef'd CONSOLE_SCREEN_BUFFER_INFOEX, for the benefit of
    older compile environments. (Not automatic -- must specify INFOEX=N on
    the command line.) After Simon Sobisch.

  • Replaced COMMON_LVB_* with numbers to appease some old compilers.
    After Simon Sobisch.

  • KEY_RESIZE should be key_code = TRUE. Reported by Ulf Magnusson.

  • SDL2 resize fixes to prevent crashes, by Tim Hentenarr.

  • SDL2 fixes for handling of SDL_TEXTINPUT, keys with modifiers, and
    modifier keystrokes, by Tim Hentenarr.

  • Fixed cursor rendering in SDL/TTF.

  • SDL1 support is now dropped for Windows and macOS, and deprecated for
    Linux. Use SDL2. The SDL1 port is likely to be dropped in the future.

  • The setsyx() function is now void, after ncurses, and simplified.

  • Warning fixes by Patrick Georgi and Stefan Reinauer.

  • X11 used SP->resized in a non-boolean way, so it's now a short.

  • Under some conditions (see issue #47), the X11 port could "free" colors
    that it hadn't allocated. Reported by rin-kinokocan.

  • New scroller for ozdemo -- no memory allocation, less copying -- to
    resolve issue #46.

  • Various minor Makefile tweaks.

  • Eliminated term.h and terminfo.c, and moved mvcur() to move.c. These
    stub functions, done on request (with others then requesting that I
    take them away -- can't win), were a misguided attempt to facilitate
    using PDCurses with certain non-C languages -- which, apparently, they
    didn't end up actually doing. They're also, regrettably, specified as
    part of the X/Open curses standard, even though they in effect
    describe an entirely different interface layer (one on which
    traditional curses, but not PDCurses, is built).

  • Dropped support for short (16-bit) chtypes.

  • Finally removed deprec.c, as it promised.

  • Dropped the XOPEN, SYSVcurses and BSDcurses defines from curses.h, as
    well as NULL (which is defined in stdio.h, included). TRUE, FALSE, ERR
    and OK are now defined unconditionally.

  • Moved pdcurses.org hosting to GitHub -- as a result, the site is now
    part of the repo, in the docs/ directory. (Also, it has SSL again.)

See the git log for more details.