@wmcbrine wmcbrine released this Feb 2, 2019 · 9 commits to master since this release

It's that time again.

New features

  • PDC_VERSION structure and PDC_get_version() function, to provide run-
    time information on version and compile options, in case they don't
    match the header; along with new compile-time defines PDC_VER_MAJOR,
    PDC_VER_MINOR and PDC_VERDOT. Suggested by Simon Sobisch, designed
    partly after Bill Gray and partly after SDL_VERSION.

  • Extensive documentation revisions, now covering many previously
    undocumented functions.

  • Allow building the DLL with MinGW for SDL. (This also changes the
    non-DLL library name from libpdcurses.a to pdcurses.a.)

  • Consolidated Watcom makefiles for DOS, after Tee-Kiah Chia; added
    MODEL option to Makefile.bcc for consistency.

  • Added another ncurses_test, "lrtest"; updated for ncurses 6.1.

Bug fixes and such

  • T.H.'s update rect clipper (a resize fix for SDL2) broke sdltest,
    because it didn't take the offsets into account for a non-owned

  • The version number is now hardwired only in curses.h and configure.ac.

  • Revised pdcurses.rc to correctly show all fields when checking the
    properties on a DLL; use it with MinGW as well as MSVC.

  • Allow building both 32- and 64-bit SDL2 versions in MinGW without
    editing the Makefile, by using the proper dev package.

  • Build SDL2 demos in "Windows" mode (i.e. no controlling terminal) with
    MSVC, as with MinGW.

  • Build sdltest.exe with MSVC.

  • Changed sample pathname in tuidemo to always use slashes -- the
    backslashes failed in, e.g., SDL under Linux or macOS. Patch by B.G.

  • Warning fix for Borland OS/2.

  • Minor file reorganization / renaming.

  • mmask_t is now used in both the classic and ncurses mouse interfaces,
    and is defined in such a way as to keep it at 32 bits.

  • Dropped map_button() and getbmap().

  • Dropped the ability to build BBS-ready archives from the Makefiles.

  • Made manext.py compatible with Python 3.x.

See the git log for more details.

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