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Gadget for MediaWiki installations allowing recursive category search via CatGraph using the corresponding JSONP interface.

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This MediaWiki Gadget only works for wikis covered by Catgraph.

Full customized installation

To have your own private version of the gadget follow these steps:

Save the contents of DeepCat.js, DeepCat.hintbox.css and DeepCat.throbber.css to your namespace. e.g.:

  • User:USERNAME/Gadgets/DeepCat.js
  • User:USERNAME/Gadgets/DeepCat.hintbox.css
  • User:USERNAME/Gadgets/DeepCat.throbber.css

Edit the cssPath variable in DeepCat.js to the full path where the files can be found e.g.:

cssPath = '//',

Add the main script to your User:USERNAME/common.js e.g.:

importScript( 'User:USERNAME/Gadgets/DeepCat.js' );

Official version on Wikipedia

The current official release of the gadget can be found on You can use it there by activating it on the preferences/gadgets page.

If you want to use it on any of the other supported wikis add the following line to your corrosponding User:USERNAME/common.js:

mw.loader.load( "//" );


The default keyword to use the DeepCat-Search is "deepcat:" and can be combined with a term in Cirrus-Syntax

  • 'deepcat:[category]'
  • 'deepcat:Kunstgeschichte'
  • 'deepcat:Kunstgeschichte deepCat:Maler'
  • 'deepcat:Kunstgeschichte Monet'
  • '-Monet deepcat:Kunstgeschichte'
  • 'intitle:System deepcat:Physik'
  • 'deepcat:Physik -intitle:System'
  • 'deepcat:Physik prefix:Sys'
  • 'deepcat:"Geschichte der Physik" Newton'
  • 'deepcat:Physik "Homogenes System"'
  • 'deepcat:"Geschichte der Physik" -deepcat:Kunstgeschichte'

Unit Tests

There are some unit tests under tests directory. Tests may be run be by opening tests/index.html in a browser or from the command line e.g. using node-qunit-phantomjs:

$ node-qunit-phantomjs ./tests/index.html

Reporting Issues

Please report bugs and feature requests on Phabricator.