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Attribution Generator

Using and sharing works licenced under Creative Commons requires specifying an attribution as defined by the respective licence. This application helps generating a legally correct attribution with images from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. A questionnaire leads through the process of collecting information needed when publishing images from Wikipedia and Commons to create a legally sufficient attribution line.

Build Status

Official version

Technical documentation

Licence support

The licences supported by the application are defined in js/app/LICENCES.js.

Coding conventions

Coding style adheres to the Wikibase coding conventions.

Building the code

Run npm installto pull any new dependencies.

Browserify is used to build and minify the JS code.

  • npm run build builds a production version
  • npm run watch builds a development version of the code that is not minified and will listen for updates on all JS files
  • npm run build-test builds the test code
  • npm run watch-test builds the test code unminified and listens for changes on test files


QUnit tests are located in the tests directory. Before merging changes, tests should be run by accessing /tests/index.html in a browser after executing npm run build-test or from command line using qunit-phantomjs-runner:

npm run build-test && phantomjs path/to/runner.js ./tests/index.html


The backend code for the feedback form can be found in the /backend directory. Its dependencies are installed via composer install and tests can be run by executing phpunit.

Reporting Issues

Please file all new bug reports and feature requests on Phabricator or use the "Feedback" link on


© An application that helps generating a legally correct attribution with images from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons or any other online resource




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