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Wikidata API Gem

Build Status

A library for interacting with the Wikidata API from Ruby. Extends the MediaWiki API Gem.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'mediawiki_api-wikidata'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install mediawiki_api-wikidata


require "mediawiki_api/wikidata"

wikidata_client = "" #instantiate new client
wikidata_client.log_in "username", "password" #log in via the API
wikidata_client.create_item "data" #create a new item specified by "data"
wikidata_client.create_property "data" #create a new property specified by "data"
wikidata_client.add_sitelink "Q1234", "enwiki", "Berlin" #add a new sitelink enwiki/Berlin to item Q1234
wikidata_client.remove_sitelink "Q1234", "enwiki" #remove enwiki sitelink from item Q1234
wikidata_client.sitelink_exists? "enwiki", "Berlin" #returns true if enwiki/Berlin sitelink exists, false otherwise
wikidata_client.create_claim "Q1234", "value", "P1234", '"test"' #adds claim with property P1234 and value "test" to item Q1234
wikidata_client.search_entities "test", "en", "item" #searches for items containing the string "test" in their english labels, descriptions and aliases

Release notes

0.2.1 (2016-05-26)

0.2.0 (2015-10-09)

0.1.0 (2014-10-09)

0.0.2 (2014-10-09)

  • Support adding sitelinks
  • Support changing sitelinks
  • Support removing sitelinks
  • Support checking for existing sitelinks
  • Provide separate methods for creating items and properties
  • Removed custom edit summaries

0.0.1 (2014-09-29)

  • Initial version
  • Supports creation of entities via wbeditentity