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wdqs docker image

Wikibase specific blazegraph image.

Automated build.


Image name Parent image WDQS Version
wikibase/wdqs : 0.3.6, latest openjdk:8-jdk-alpine 0.3.6


When upgrading between wdqs versions the data stored in /wdqs/data may not be compatible with the newer version. When testing the new image if no data appears to be loaded into the query service you will need to reload the data.

If all changes are still in RecentChanges then simply removing /wdqs/data and restarting the service should reload all data.

If you can not use RecentChanges then you will need to reload from an RDF dump:

Environment variables

Variable Default Since Description
MEMORY "" 0.2.5 Memory limit for blazegraph
HEAP_SIZE "1g" 0.2.5 Heap size for blazegraph
WIKIBASE_HOST "wikibase.svc" 0.2.5 Hostname of the Wikibase host
WIKIBASE_SCHEME "http" 0.2.5 Scheme of the Wikibase host
WDQS_HOST "wdqs.svc" 0.2.5 Hostname of the WDQS host (this service)
WDQS_PORT "9999" 0.2.5 Port of the WDQS host (this service)
WDQS_ENTITY_NAMESPACES "120,122" 0.2.5 Wikibase Namespaces to load data from
WIKIBASE_MAX_DAYS_BACK "90" 0.3.0 Max days updater is allowed back from now

Filesystem layout

File Description
/wdqs/whitelist.txt Whitelist file for other SPARQL endpoints
/wdqs/ Properties for the service
/templates/mwservices.json Template for MediaWiki services (substituted to /wdqs/mwservices.json at runtime)


  • The query service is not running or seems to get killed by the OS?
    • The image requires more than 2GB of available RAM to start. While being developed the dev machine had 4GB of RAM.
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