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Building reactive microservices with pipes and filters.pptx

Pipes and filters

Pipes and filters are a great way to help you build high performance, precise services. In this repository you can find the slides and demo code of the presentation I gave on this topic.

The slides are included in the root of this repository.

Running the code

You can run the demo code on your machine. Just make sure that you have a MS SQL server instance installed through Docker or other means and create a database on it called proposalkeeper. Add a table to it with the following command:

CREATE TABLE proposals (
  id int identity(1,1),
  title nvarchar(250) not null,
  description nvarchar(250) not null,
  tags nvarchar(250) not null,
  status nvarchar(50) not null,
  primary key(id)

Modify the code so that the connection string includes the correct user name and password for your database server. With the database setup all you need to do is run build.cmd on Windows or on Mac/Linux.

Note: make sure that you have either mono with F# installed or Visual F# with you Visual Studio installation.

Editing the code

I personally prefer to use Visual Studio code for editing my F# code. You can get a couple of plugins to make it easy:

  • Ionide-fsharp
  • Ionide-paket
  • Ionide-fake

These packages enable syntax highlighting, autocomplete and build support for F# in Visual Studio Code. If you want you can of course use Xamarin studio, Visual Studio for Mac or Visual Studio to edit the code as well.


Leave a note in the issues. I'll try to help as best I can.