A standalone php script for crawling a site
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A standalone php script for crawling a site.

This script makes it relatively easy to

  • find broken links
  • find slow pages
  • simulate semi-real usage (well, that's a stretch - but it's better than pinging the same page 20 times)
  • Check any browser sniffing you might be doing


It's a pretty simple script, to see the full help call with no parameters

$ . crawl

To crawl a site - specify where to start, and the script will crawl

$ . crawl http://ad7six.com
/ (0) 1.2671s
		writing cache
/ » 1 » /contact (1) 1.2357s
		writing cache
/ » 1 » /entries/index/2006 (2) 1.2564s
		writing cache
/ » 1 » /entries/index/2007 (3) 1.2598s
		writing cache
/ » 1 » /entries/index/2008 (4) 1.0801s
		writing cache
/ » 1 » /entries/index/2009/11 (5) 1.0758s
		writing cache

The script will continue until one of the following conditions is met:

  • There are no more links to crawl
  • The maximum number of pages have been requeted (by default there is no limit)
  • There are no more links within the depth specified

If the script halts - or you halt it, calling it again with the same parameters will take the page contents from the cache.