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Please consider the following note regarding usernames:

Why You Shouldn't Pick Usernames You Would Have In Middle School

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Real Life(TM) Name

Web 2.0 is here. User generated content is in, trolling chatrooms is out. As such, much of WMFO's web infrastructure allows you, our staff, to generate and contribute to published WMFO web content. Any username you register under will become your author's signature for any work you create or to which you contribute in the WMFO web-o-sphere.

In light of this fact, and in keeping with the professionalism we strive for at WMFO, we encourage all of our users to select usernames that reflect their true names.  This isn't the 1990s anymore, and under the tenants of Web 2.0 'slickcat1337' isn't nearly as slick a username as it might have been in the days of the internet's nascency. While we could pine for the simple life of our fluorescent, GIF animated, Geocities websites and the masquerade of internet anonymity, it turns out the internet is a really useful place (and, in the surprise of the century, for more than just porn), and we have to be a little more professional in our stewardship of it.

In addition to making it easier for the users of our websites to identify what content you have created, real name usernames also make it far easier for WMFO exec board members to identify and associate your online presence with your station involvement. Remember, we have to match your scheduling form to your Spinitron account each semester...

So, a few rules and a few recommendations when selecting usernames for your assorted WMFO web presences... (Yes, names not following these conventions will be rejected. What of it?)


  • -Wiki etiquette calls for 'FirstnameLastname' formatted user names. We will be adhering to this standard for your wiki username. No exceptions.
  • Spinitron -Spinitron takes both your real name and a 'DJ' name.
    • Real name (First and Last) - Your real name must be just that. This information is not displayed to the public.
    • You are welcome to choose an arbitrary 'DJ' name. Although in the interest of staying consistent, you are encouraged to use the wiki standard of 'FirstnameLastname'. This information is associated with your showname and playlists and is available to the public.
  • -Wordpress (the backend) allows you to specify four 'names'
    • Username - This is what you use to log into the main WMFO site. You must follow the wiki standard of 'FirstnameLastname'. Added Perk: You only have to remember one login between the wiki and the main page. This information is not necessarily displayed to the public (see below).
    • Real name (First and Last) - This is specified on your user profile page. It must be your real first and last name, just like Spinitron. This information is not necessarily displayed to the public (see below).
    • Nickname - This is a handle that will be displayed to the public and other users on the site. This may be one of two things: your Spinitron 'DJ' name, or your wiki 'FirstnameLastname' username. This information is available to the public. As above, we would prefer the latter.
    • Display Name - This is a dropdown box that allows you to select which of the above names is associated with your posts and displayed to the public. The default is Nickname. We recommend you leave it there, although username is also acceptable.
  • Mailing Lists / Google Groups -Since many of you will be using preexisting Google accounts to join our mailing lists, there are no restrictions on the e-mail address you choose to use. That said, if you're registering a new gmail address for this purpose, might we suggest ''? Trust us, when it comes time to apply for a new job, you'll be glad that you don't have to put on the top of your resumes.

  1. 1. Why You Shouldn't Pick Usernames You Would Have In Middle School
    1. 1.1. Rules