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This page is designed to facilitate the ops learning process. There's a lot of information to know, most of which is not covered in any Tufts course. However, knowing how this station operates will give you a lot of practical, real world experience in:

  1. Network administration and Networking
  2. Linux System Administration
  3. Axia/Livewire configuration
  4. Hackery

The Ops Director or any former operations directors are great starting points if you have trouble finding information, but you can find most of what there is to know within this Wiki.

Video Parts:

  • Network
  • Livewire overview (multicast, stream types, terminology)
  • Computers, vms (intro)
  • Signal Chain
  • Rivendell
  • GPIO
  • Transmitter
  • Webstream
  • Archives
  • Phones

Here is your crash course wiki curriculum:

  1. Livewire
  2. Rivendell
  3. Servers
    1. Tupac (hypervisor)
      1. Webstream
      2. http
      3. win10
      4. util
    2. Ringo
    3. primary-backup
    4. secondary-backup
    5. Terminals
  4. IP Network
    1. Switches
    2. Router
    3. WiFi
    4. Host list and IP Schema
  5. Signal Chain Overview - Diagram
    1. Analog/Digital Nodes
    2. StudioHub
    3. Element/Studio Engine (Studio A)
    4. EAS
    5. ASI Card (Rivendell)
    6. Power Station (Studio C)
    7. Omnias
    8. Transmitter
    9. Modulation Monitors
  6. Other devices
    1. PDUs
    2. CD Players
    3. Amplifiers
  7. Backups

In addition, there is a private Github repository of credentials. The best way to get information is to contact the ops list, and be trained by existing ops volunteers.