An open framework for building digital services.
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A framework for building and sharing workflows in Node.js.


$ npm install tymly --save


const tymly = require('tymly')

    // Blueprints are structured directories that describe a business function.
    // They contain 'state-machines' (e.g. Finite State Machines expressed in JSON as per Amazon State Machine specification:
    // along with the resources required for those state-machines to run (e.g. data 
    // model definitions, images, form-layouts, templates etc.)
    // This is just a simple list of directories where blueprints can be found...   
    blueprintPaths: [
      '/tymly/blueprints/hr',      // Some flows for HR-related things
      '/tymly/blueprints/payroll'  // Some flows for payroll-related activities 

    // Tymly is extended via plugins, each in-turn offer 'services' and other components...
    pluginPaths: [
      '/tymly/plugins/tymly-express-plugin',  // For accessing Tymly over HTTP/REST etc.
      '/tymly/plugins/tymly-etl-plugin',   // Adds import-from-CSV capabilities
      '/tymly/plugins/tymly-pg-plugin'   // Persist to PostgreSQL instead of the default in-memory solution 
  // Callback once everything has booted (or not)
  function (err, services) {   
    if (err) {
      // Handle something going wrong
    } else {
      // Do something with those services...
      // (e.g. the 'tymly-express-plugin' provides an Express-powered 'server' service)
      const port = 3000
      services.server.listen(port, function () {        
        console.log('Example app listening on port ' + port);       


Tymly has been developed as an alternative for organisations (especially non-profits and Government departments) who need continually-evolving business software - but can do without the complexity, expense and vendor lock-in that usually accompanies it.


For documentation, please visit


$ npm test



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