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Geospatial Evaluation and Observation Lab

The geoLab at William & Mary provides core datasets and training to communities around the world.

geoLab @ William & Mary

image Welcome to the official GitHub organization for the geoLab at William & Mary. Our mission is to create and promote vibrant societies of data driven policymakers. We focus on providing free access to essential datasets and technologies, conducting research at the intersection of artificial intelligence, satellite imagery and big data, and cultivating the next generation of leaders skilled in using data for making informed decisions.

Our Research

Our lab engages in a variety of research activities, with recent publications covering topics focused on generating and analyzing very large spatially-explicit datasets (especially satellite imagery). A complete list of our publications can be found here.

Our Data

We offer a wealth of datasets, all licensed under CC-BY Attribution 4.0, spanning topics such as road infrastructure quality, school locations and educational outcomes, global political administrative boundaries, and more. You can view all of our datasets here.

Who We Are

Based out of the oldest public research university in the country, the geoLab is a blend of experienced practitioners, faculty, and student researcher enthusiasm. You can see all the graduate, undergraduate, faculty and staff members that make our work go here, or simply check out this git organization's contributors!

We're proud of the work we do here at geoLab and welcome collaboration and engagement with our datasets and technologies. For more details on our work and team, please visit our website.

For any inquiries, you can reach us at:

The William & Mary geoLab | Department of Applied Science, William & Mary | 540 Landrum Drive, Williamsburg, Virginia, 23185

Email: Dan Runfola


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