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a JavaScript version of Hubo, the humanoid robot
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This repository will contain a collection of web-based tools for Hubo, the humanoid robot. The full name of the project is Hubo-in-the-Browser, but for brevity it is also called hubo-js.


You can check out live examples hosted on You can use the View Source option in your browser to look at the code, or you'll find the raw HTML/CSS/Javascript code for all the samples is in the /out directory.

How to develop/contribute

I'm using a tool called docpad to make my web-developing more efficient. It is build on top of another tool called node. The source code that I actually edit is in /src. The core of Hubo-js is in /src/src and contains WebGLRobots.js and The source for the examples is in /src/examples obviously. If you want to develop/contribute, the easiest thing to do would be:

  1. Install node. (Note: There have been reports that hubo-js doesn't work properly in Node version 0.12.x. Install the 0.10.x series. Hubo-in-the-Browser was last tested with node version 0.10.38)
  2. Fork this repository.
  3. git clone[your-usename]/hubo-js
  4. cd hubo-js
  5. git submodule init
  6. git submodule update
  7. npm install

To run:

  1. npm start
  2. Navigate to http://localhost:9778

And now you've got a live webserver that will transform the templates and stuff in /src into real web pages that you can see.

Hubo-in-the-Browser API

var hubo = new Hubo(name, ready_callback, progress_callback)

  • name is a string to identify the Hubo, in case you have multiple Hubos.
  • ready_callback() is a function handle that is called once the Hubo is finished loading.
  • progress_callback(num_links_loaded, total_links, link) is a function handle that is called as each link of Hubo's body loads, so you can display loading progress.


  • Sets Hubo back to his default joint values.


  • A collection of objects that correspond to the joints in hubo-ach. Each motor has the following properties:
    • name an identifier, like 'RSP' for right shoulder pitch
    • value sets and gets the value of the joint
      • The unit is in radians for revolute joints and mm for linear actuators.
      • Trying to set value beyond the lower_limit or upper_limit will result in the motor stopping at that limit.
    • lower_limit the lower bound allowed for value
    • upper_limit the upper bound allowed for value
    • default_value the value of the joint in the 'home' position


  • A collection of the THREE.Object3D's that make up the links of Hubo's body.


  • Hint: You should use hubo.motors instead, because it provides an accurate abstraction for moving the fingers and head.
  • A collection of raw joint objects corresponding to the joints in the URDF file for Hubo. Joint objects have properties similar to those in hubo.motors.


I downloaded the webpages and opened them locally, but it doesn't work.

  • AJAX commands won't work locally. You have to have a local HTTP server like node.
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