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npm install --save react-icons-kit

Documentation / Demo

Please visit react-icons-kit

Bundled Icon Sets

Plus more to come.

Browse Icon Sets

Browse all available icons here: react-icons-kit

Quick Start Guide

    import Icon from 'react-icons-kit';
    import { ic_add_a_photo } from 'react-icons-kit/md/ic_add_a_photo';
    import { lock } from 'react-icons-kit/fa/lock';

    export const ShowIcons = () => {

        return (
                <div><Icon icon={ic_add_a_photo}/><div>
                <div><Icon icon={lock}/><div>


React Icons Kit Site

To update the react-icons-kit site deployed at react-icons-kit, you need to first do the following. Assuming you are at the root folder:

  1. npm install
  2. npm run dist
  3. cd site
  4. npm install
  5. cd node_modules
  6. ln -sf ../../dist react-icons-kit
  7. cd ..
  8. npm start

You should now be able to live edit the website to do some changes, submit pull request.