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BizTalk Benchmark Wizard - VS2010
BizTalk Benchmark Wizard

Project Description The BizTalk Benchmark Wizard is a simple tool to validate a BizTalk installation, making sure it performs as could be expected.

The purpose of this tool is to verify your BizTalk environment performs as expected. The typical use-case where you would use the BizTalk Benchmark Wizard would be after BizTalk Server is installed and before deploying any solutions to the environment.

BizTalk Benchmark Wizard performs load to BizTalk Server in relation to specific scenarios. During the execution of the test, counter information is collected and benchmarked against collected statistics relevant to your BizTalk Server environment

After completion of the test, a result is presented showing whether or not your BizTalk investment is performing as you could expect.

The executed scenarios may or may not be relative to any realistic scenario, and is only intended for testing. The BizTalk Benchmark Wizard has been developed in relation to the BizTalk Server 2009 Scale Out Testing Study. More information about the study can be found here

For more information: Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 1)

How to install: Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 2)

BBW Drill Down: Benchmark your BizTalk Server (Part 3)

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