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Boilerplate configuration for nginx and certbot with docker-compose
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Boilerplate for nginx with Let’s Encrypt on docker-compose

This repository is accompanied by a step-by-step guide on how to set up nginx and Let’s Encrypt with Docker. fetches and ensures the renewal of a Let’s Encrypt certificate for one or multiple domains in a docker-compose setup with nginx. This is useful when you need to set up nginx as a reverse proxy for an application.


  1. Install docker-compose.

  2. Clone this repository: git clone .

  3. Modify configuration:

  • Add domains and email addresses to
  • Replace all occurrences of with primary domain (the first one you added to in data/nginx/app.conf
  1. Run the init script:

  2. Run the server:

     docker-compose up

Got questions?

Feel free to post questions in the comment section of the accompanying guide


All code in this repository is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. For further information please refer to the LICENSE file.

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