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A work in progress to update my personal site. I'm planning to start with a single page site, and then port that into a ReactJS multipage site.


  • Add Github links
  • Add Projects Section
    • Create a Gallery of recent projects in a thumbnail format
    • Add all past projects as a list, within a mobile friendly modal popup
  • Add Navigation Buddy-Bar
  • Phase old site out
    • Back up the CURRENT version of it
    • Change dns to point to
    • Change WordPress settings as well for this change.
    • Back up the final result version
  • Switch -> this resume site's code
  • Add more GitHub repo based projects to site.
    • 🚀 Build & Deploy ReactJS Apps
    • 🚀 Build & Deploy a fully CI/CD Project
    • Contribute to several OSS on GitHub
  • Build ReactJS version of this site.
    • Build The Site
    • 🚀 Publish the ReactJS version to GitHub
  • 🎨 Add Animations
    • 🎨 Add animation when hovering over face
    • 🎨 Add animation after 10? seconds of idling mouse movement (maybe)
  • ⚡️ Clean Up & Optimize CSS
  • ⚡️ Clean Up & Optimize JavaScript