A Wireless Network Monitor with advanced measurement capabilities.
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-- Libraries
The program depends of the next libraries. All of this are on Ubuntu/Debian repositories.
 · pthread: libpthread-stubs0-dev
 · trace3: libtrace3-dev (>= 3)
 · ncurses5: libncurses5-dev (>= 5)
 · iw30: libiw-dev
 · pcap0.8: libpcap-dev (>= 1)
 · qtgui4: Included on qt4-dev-tools

The code have dependencies with the next program:
 · iw: iw (>= 0.9)

To compile the Qt version you need the Qt4 tools:
 · qt4-dev-tools (>= 4:4.3)

-- Compilation
For compilate the Qt GUI version run:
    make wmonGUI

To clean the objects generated by wmonGUI compilation run:
    make -f Makefile clean

For compilate the console version run:

Clean the objects generated before change the compilation version:
    For console fersion: make clean
    For Qt GUI version:  make -f Makefile clean

-- Execution
Run the generated executable with root permissions (for example, with sudo command).