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insert missing return statement

The fact that this works without this, on most machines I tried,
is a testament to the magical nature of computers.
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1 parent e724b99 commit 46aa02798b09c96d11d18655bec8c77295632508 William Morgan committed Mar 12, 2012
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1 ext/leveldb/
@@ -370,6 +370,7 @@ static VALUE iter_next_value(current_iteration* iter) {
VALUE arr = rb_ary_new2(2);
rb_ary_push(arr, SLICE_TO_RUBY_STRING(iter->current_key));
rb_ary_push(arr, SLICE_TO_RUBY_STRING(iter->iterator->value()));
+ return arr;
static void iter_scan_iterator(current_iteration* iter) {

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