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Repository hosting inspirational wmutils snippets.

Arrange your windows in a tiled pattern consisting of one master area, and a stacking area. Uses $GAP and $MASTER from environment.


Set a window in fullscreen mode, removing borders from it and putting it in front of all other windows. There can only be one window in fullscreen at a time. Uses $FSFILE from environment.

usage: <wid>

Focus either a specific window, or the next/previous window in the stack. Then set borders accordingly. Uses $BW, $ACTIVE and $INACTIVE from environment.

usage: <next|prev|wid>

Focus a new window (using upon its creation.

Depends on wew(1) (opt repo) and (contrib repo)


Make the current window border cycle all the rainbow colors. Uses $FREQ from environment.


Focus the closest window in a specific direction.

usage: <direction>

Produce window id directely underneath cursor.

Example sxhkd binding:

~button1 $(

A simpler version of OS X Mission Control feature, or GNOME Shell's Overview feature.

Depends on wew(1) (opt repo) and (contrib repo)


Set a custom xprop variable which can be used to test if a window is able to be deleted or not when using killw in a custom script with wew(1).

Depends on xorg-xprop

usage: <lock|unlock|toggle|status> <wid>

Adds group-like capabilities, sorta like those you find in CWM and such WMs.

usage: [-hCU] [-c wid] [-s wid group] [-tmMu group]
       -h shows this help
       -c cleans WID from group files (and makes it visible)
       -C runs cleanup routine
       -s sets WID's group
       -t toggle group visibility state
       -m maps (shows) group
       -M maps group and unmaps all other groups
       -u unmaps (hides) group
       -U unmaps all the groups

Groups windows into workspaces. Stores the current workspace index in /tmp/workspaces/curr by default.

usage: [-hinp] [-g ws_num] [-m ws_num] 
	-h: Displays this message
	-i: Initialize workspaces. Should be called once in a startup script.
	-n: Move up one workspace
	-p: Move down one workspace
	-g, <ws_num>: go to the workspace specified by <ws_num>
	-m, <ws_num>: move the currently focused window to the worskpace specified by <ws_num>

... to be continued