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Notes for Lars Bildsten's Physics 232 class, given in Winter quarter 2012.

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Stars With Lars Notes

These are the notes from Lars Bildsten's course on Stellar Structure and Evolution, often lovingly referred to as Stars with Lars (PHYS 232 in the UCSB Physics department graduate curriculum). They were originally taken by Bill Wolf during the winter quarter of 2012, and they were futher refined when the class was again taught in the fall quarter of 2013.

Special Thanks

Obviously, thanks to Lars Bildsten for teaching a wonderful course. Also thanks to guest lecturers Kevin Moore, Matteo Cantiello, and Ben Brown. In particular, Ben Brown covered the rotation topics at the end of the notes that are not typically taught in the course.

Additional thanks to Matt Coleman and other members of the 2012 cohort who helped edit the notes (and delayed the erasing of blackboards when I was late to class).


These notes are meant for personal usage only. Feel free to study them for your own understanding, and please let the author know if there are mistakes. If you would like to base a class off of these or use them for some other more offficial purpose, please contact the author, Bill Wolf (, who will then talk to Lars Bildsten about any such usage.


Notes for Lars Bildsten's Physics 232 class, given in Winter quarter 2012.






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