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Setting up your environment

Disclamer: these steps work on Linux, and usually on OSX. Windows is not yet supported. For updates on Windows support, see this issue.

  1. Open a terminal and navigate to where you want the Pinecone folder to go
  2. Run the command git clone This will download the Pinecone source code
  3. Move into the Pinecone directory
  4. run the command make. If you get a command not found error, you may need to install make or g++.
  5. If all goes well, after a few seconds you should end up with a Pinecone executable in your current directory called pinecone.
  6. Run it with the command ./pinecone path/to/pinecone/ If you don't have any Pinecone source code yet, test it with ./pinecone examples/
  7. If it works, you can now move on to the "basic concepts" tutorial

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