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Many exist, these are mine.

Just a few rails templates

The first template(s) will be focused on bootstrapping a Mailchimp integration

###Mailchimp Integration

While these templates may have some differences, such as using/not using backbone, the Mailchimp templates will all provide the following:

  • OAuth login strategy with Omniauth with the following routes and a Session controller
  match '/auth/failure' => 'sessions#failure'
  match '/signout' => 'sessions#destroy', :as => :signout
  match '/signin' => 'sessions#new', :as => :signin
  match '/auth/:provider/callback' => 'sessions#create'
  resources :users, :only => [ :show, :edit, :update ]
  • A User model with the following attributes
  :uid => the mailchimp unique id
  :email => mailchimp account email address
  :apikey => mailchimp apikey
  • LESS styles that echo the Mailchimp.com user experience (while still being unique)

How to use

  $ rails new MyNewApp -m https://raw.github.com/wnadeau/rails-application-templates/master/rails3-backbone-twitter-bootstrap-mailchimp.txt

Then answer the prompts.


  • ask for mailchimp oauth client id and secret in wizard
  • write and hook in new relic recipe
  • fix powder recipe to run in app directory