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Platforms - These are the supported platforms and requirements.
New Features - These are features added that were not available in a
previous version.
Bug Fixes - These are bugs or functionality oddities that existed in the
previous version(s).
Other - This describes any other changes that may be important.
Open Issues - These are unresolved issues still present.
Dependency Notes
Oracle Java 1.7 (other Java implementations may have different requirements)
o Windows XP SP3 or higher (32 or 64 bit)
o Ubuntu 11.04 or higher (32 or 64 bit)
o Mac OS X 10.7.3 or higher (64 bit only) Java 1.7.10+ needed
Xuggler 5.4 Supported Platforms
o Java 1.5+
o Windows XP or higher (32 or 64 bit)
o Ubuntu 11.10 or later (32 or 64 bit)
o Mac OS X 10.7 or higher (32 or 64 bit)
Version 2.0.4
o Same as 2.0.1
New Features:
o Added the ability to import multiple songs for the Open Lyrics format.
Bug Fixes:
Open Issues:
o Same as 2.0.1
Version 2.0.3
o Same as 2.0.1
New Features:
o Added new transitions.
Bug Fixes:
o Ordered the transitions by name in the transition drop downs.
Open Issues:
o Same as 2.0.1
Version 2.0.2
o Same as 2.0.1
New Features:
o Added text shadow options to the text components with offsets and
color/gradient support.
o Added snap to grid functionality for the slide editor.
Bug Fixes:
o Fixed some small usability bugs on the slide editor panel when editing
the the background component.
o Small bug fix in the Xuggler media player plug-in where audio/video data
were considered equal due to equal time-stamps (which rarely happens).
o Fixed a bug in the presentation code where if you cleared the slide too
quickly it would have a rendering artifact. Due to rendering to an image
which was used to render the current slide.
o Fixed the slide/template library loading to show progress.
o Organized the Date/Time component controls in the same order as the text
o Made the preferred size of the text box on the text component edit panel
o Added a Supported Media Formats dialog to the help menu.
o Changed the About and System dialogs to non-modal.
Open Issues:
o Same as 2.0.1
Version 2.0.1
o Tested on Windows XP SP3
o Same as 2.0.0 other than the above.
New Features:
o Copy verse text. Right click (or command click) the verse queue or bible
search to get the copy context menu.
o More system properties have been added to the System menu to aid in
troubleshooting problems.
o Added a preference to do video color/size conversion at read time rather
than at play time. This can boost performance in some cases.
o Added video preview to the Add Media dialog.
o Added a Blank button for song display which allows a blank slide using
the current template to be sent.
o Added sorting to all tabular data (searches, queues, etc.)
o Add multiple verses from the Bible search to the verse queue at one time.
o Add multiple songs from the song search to the song queue at one time.
o Bible and song searches with highlighted matched text.
o Bible search All Words or Any Words allow the use of commas to separate
search terms (in addition to spaces).
o The template drop downs now includes an item to manage templates. This
saves time finding the menu item and switching to the right template
set. This will also aid first time users trying to find where to add
more templates.
o Multi-select slides, templates and media for bulk actions like remove
copy and export.
o Added a song importer for the OpenLyrics format.
o Added better JVM argument handling to the Launcher.jar and added an
application specific argument option to the file.
o Added an option in the System dialog listing command line arguments
used to start the JVM.
Bug Fixes:
o Fixed the dialog title on the Slide Library (says Media Library on 2.0.0)
o Fixed a bug on Linux which made translucent slides/templates not clear
their previous rendering. (this is one step towards fully supporting
linux, but did reveal another problem: flickering) The previous problem
of per-pixel translucency was caused by Ubuntu running under Oracle
Virtual box. Installing Ubuntu along side Windows and booting to Ubuntu
revealed that this is not an issue.
o Fixed a bug with WMV video playback where the video playback would pause
after a second or two due to a large video frame rate and a low audio
frame rate.
o Fixed a bug where the XugglerMediaPlayer was not cleaning up all its
resources (threads in this case).
o Small bug fix for dual translation display when one translation does
not have the current, next, or previous verse.
o Increased the scroll rate of the song slide preview when scrolling with
the mouse scroll wheel.
o When performing searches (bible and song), the scrollbar would stay
positioned. It now resets to the top on each search.
o Adding templates of a different type or slides than the template type
requested initially from the preferences would not update the other
template drop downs.
o Adding templates from the preferences dialog would not update the template
drop downs on the bible and song panels and the slide tab.
o Fixed some bugs with the UnboundBibleImporter where errors would occur
if a bible had subverses or duplicate verses.
o Fixed a bug where the verse count and book count were misleading when
a Bible with missing verses or chapters was imported.
o Fixed a bug on Linux where audio volume was not set appropriately which
made the volume zero.
o Fixed a bug that was caused by different file separators when transferring
exported slides, templates, or libraries.
o Fixed a bug on Ubuntu where the presentation windows would not be
o Fixed a bug with image background smart transition support where the
background would not be retained until the 2nd send.
o Fixed a bug with high bit depth audio not being supported by JavaSound.
o Fixed a bug with audio down-mixing when the audio is float or double.
o Fixed a bug on Ubuntu with the display identifier being non-translucent.
o Fixed some bugs with the Launcher.jar file not working on Ubuntu.
o Fixed a bug where the transition options would not enable if a device
that supports them was choosen from the preferences.
o Fixed many bugs with the Launcher.jar for all platforms and added a
Launcher.log file that error output will be directed.
o When adding media, the media type defaults to All Files instead of
image media.
o Default song template now matches the default bible template.
o Changed the Current/Previous/Next verse labels to the verse location and
increased the font size and bolded the current verse.
o Small GUI label/tooltip changes.
o Song file import/export has been moved to the Song Library.
o More UI fixes for the Mac OS X look and feel.
o Reduced the force shutdown thread wait time from 10 seconds to 3 seconds.
o Added anti-aliasing to text field water marks.
o Updated JNLP to help ease of getting newer versions.
Open Issues:
o On Ubuntu Linux we get flickering in the animations due to the use of
translucent windows. Swap transitions will work fine. Video playback
also flickers for the same reason.
o Rendering anti-aliased text on a translucent surface has some nasty edges
around the text due to a bug in Java:
o Same as 2.0.0 except for the above
Version 2.0.0
o Windows:
- Vista or higher (32 or 64 bit); It may work on XP SP3 or higher but has
not been tested.
o Mac:
- Mac OS X (64 bit) 10.7.3 or higher is required for Java 1.7.
- Mac OS X has discontinued their implementation of Java (which stopped at
Java 1.6) and is no longer distributing it with their operating systems.
See what this means for you:
Be sure to read these before installing Oracle Java.
- Mac OS X users will need to download the Oracle JDK rather than the JRE
to make sure it updates the path environment variable.
- Mac OS X Mountain Lion has a new security model (Gatekeeper) for
untrusted applications. Because of this you will need to use the
Webstart download of Praisenter rather than the .zip download. You can
use the .zip download by changing some settings, but this is not
recommended; read why here:
- Mac OS X automatically decompresses archives after downloading. This is
a problem since Praisenter uses the compressed format to import new
bibles and exported slides/templates. To remedy this, re-compress the
uncompressed files.
o Linux
- As of the latest release of Praisenter, a critical feature of Java 1.7
is broken on Ubuntu, making Praisenter useless on this platform. Other
Linux distributions may work.
- Ubuntu 11.10 or higher 32 or 64 bit. Other Linux distributions may
work as well but has not been tested.
- Be sure your system software is up to date.
- Linux users will typically have Java 6 installed (typically OpenJDK
which is basically the same as Oracle’s Java). Open the Ubuntu
Software Center to check which version of Java you have installed (type
in Java in the search box). Alternatively you can download and install
Oracle Java 7. This allows you to skip the next step, but may still
require the final step.
- You may also need to install the latest IcedTea Webstart (install from
the same place as Java 7) if you want to use the Java Webstart download.
Alternatively you can use the .zip download.
- Linux users may get a error if Java 7 was installed along side Java 6.
Run the following command lines and select the Java 7 option by choosing
the correct number (this tells Ubuntu which Java to use by default):
=> sudo update-alternatives --config java
=> sudo update-alternatives --config javaws
o Java 1.7 or higher.
o 512 MB of dedicated RAM (1 GB would be best for video)
New Features:
o Video & Audio media support (still experimental) for backgrounds and
standalone components
o Media Library for managing images, video, and audio.
o Custom standalone slides
o Slide templates for notification, bible, and songs.
o Template switching
o Slide/Template editor
o Slide/Template Library for managing templates and slides.
o Slide/Template resolution targeting
o Slide/Template import and export
o Slide and component borders
o Gradient support.
o Preferences manager
o More informative Error Reporting buttons (save vs. send)
o A new easing "Back"
o Transition waiting
o Render quality settings
o Text outline
o Application working path moved to user/home directory
Bug Fixes:
o Auto adjusting of slides and templates based on target resolution and
actual resolution
o Reworked some transitions that were not pixel perfect
o Package separation. Not really useful to users but to developers this is
key. The packages have been cleaned up to allow use of certain packages
rather than the entire code base.
o New deployment license:
The majority of Praisenter source code is released under the New BSD open
source license. The video and audio support now requires the GPL v3 on
related sources (ones that directly interact with the GPL v3 libraries).
The distribution binaries are required to be GPL v3 now.
Open Issues:
o Ubuntu, the test Linux system, Per-pixel translucency is broken. This is a
Java problem and is still not fixed as of 1.7.0_13. This makes Praisenter
unusable on Ubuntu. It still may work on other Linux distributions.
o Video looping. As of this release the video and audio support is mostly
experimental, working with most of the audio/video on hand. However, a few
videos have been know to fail to loop correctly.!topic/xuggler-users/bMQEJdQY2WU
o OGG video synchronization. As of this release the OGG audio/video
synchronization of videos is not working correctly. Depending on the video,
you may have different results.!topic/xuggler-users/CIti0aIsUlc
o Video jumping and overall video smoothness. This is typically caused by
slower machines. The test hardware used is more than able to handle video
playback. However, rendering the playing video in the same process causes
some problems. When scrolling the song preview, the playing video may
jitter and jump. This is due to Swing EDT locking on GUI tasks. Many
attempts have been made to fix this with varying degrees of success:
- Using another EDT by using Sun specific AppContext class. This does
not solve the problem because there is some underlying locking
mechanism for Java2D rendering. This is also not desired since it
would require the Oracle/OpenJDK JVMs and is not public API.
- Using another Java process and communicated via Java RMI. This works
great minus one large hitch. When sending a new slide, Praisenter
(the main process) cannot make the sub process the focused
application and therefore cannot bring the slide to the front.
- Use active rendering for the presentation window. This doesn't work
with window translucency (which is a requirement for transitions) in
- JOGL's NEWT windowing system has a separate EDT and use OpenGL. This
was too slow when rendering the composite in Java2D and sending it
down to JOGL. Some more exploration is required on this one.
- JavaFX has its own EDT as well. More exploration is required on this
o The Xuggler API which is being used for audio/video playback and reading
is no longer receiving updates and the build server has been shutdown.
Short term this isn't a big deal, but long term this could be a problem
especially if any bugs arise. As of this release there is no alternative
which is easy to use, allows composition, and is packaged easy.
Version 1.0.0 (initial release)
New Features: N/A
Bug Fixes: N/A
Other: N/A