An extension to the core scala library.
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Scalaz is a library written in the Scala Programming Language. One mandate of the library is to depend
only on the core Scala API and the core Java 2 Standard Edition API. The intention of Scalaz is to include general
functions that are not currently available in the core Scala API. Scalaz is released under a BSD open source licence
making it compatible with the licence of the Scala project.

The source code for Scalaz is hosted on GitHub:

Documentation and downloads are on Google Code:

Snapshots and Releases published to the repository on

Build Instructions

The root directory of the project contains the SBT launcher script.

This is the directory structure of the build.

|- project +
|          |-ScalazBuild.scala               Project Definition, containing module structure, compiler
|          |                                 options, cross module dependencies, etc.
|          |
|          |-plugins.sbt                     Plugins and settings for the build itself.
|          |
|          -                Version of SBT
|- <mod N> +

           |-src   +
           |       |-main +
           |       |      |-scala            Source files
           |       |
           |       |-test +
           |              |-scala            Test source files
           |-target +
                    | - <scala version M>    All built artifacts (classes, jars, scaladoc) for module N
                                             built for version M of Scala.
IDE Support

To generate IntelliJ Project Files:

  > add-sbt-idea // unless already installed in ~/.sbt/plugins/build.sbt
  [info] Reapplying settings...
  [info] Set current project to scalaz (in build file:/Users/jason/code/scalaz/)
  > gen-idea