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Macros for the OCLC Connexion client written by Walter F. Nickeson, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, 14627.

These macros work for me with Connexion client 2.63 and 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise & 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, but no guarantees are promised or implied.

The four macrobook files are: Essentials.mbk, Extras1.mbk, Extras2.mbk, and MacroTools.mbk. See the PDF file "SharedMacrobooks" for a list of which macros are in each macrobook. To get all the macros, simply download the macrobook files into C:\Program Files (x86)\OCLC\Connexion\Program\Macros. Then, in Connexion, assign keystrokes to the macros.

Read a .txt file to see the macro code. Look for the "How it works" section near the top for complete information on how to use the macro and its features.

To install a single macro while viewing its file here: In Connexion, go to Tools>Macros>Manage, select a macrobook or create a new macrobook, and click "New macro". Copy the description from the second line of the file into the box and click OK (this description can be edited later, including adding more lines from a lengthy description). Then copy the macro name from the first line of the file, paste it into the box, and press [ENTER]. Click "Edit" to open the macro editor for this macro. Copy the whole text file, including the name and description already copied, and paste it into the macro editor, replacing any text that appeared when you opened the editor. Click the check mark in the toolbar to make sure the macro is compiled and saved (after fixing any errors), and then you can close the editor and begin using the macro.

Check back here often for updates, enhancements, bug corrections, and new macros!


Macros for the OCLC Connexion client.






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