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0.2.2 (Development)
* Added: The initially selected item can now be defined via the addition of
``selected: true`` configuration option of an item in the list. Thanks
to acasaccia for the patch.
* Fixed: Tapping on selected item in list closes the container.
* Added: More intelligent handling of container dragging. Once vertical
scrolling is detected, vertical "scroll-lock" is enabled. Similarly,
once horizontal dragging is detected, any underlying containers with
scrolling behaviors are temporarily disabled from scrolling.
* Added: Container dragging now works when the container is open (i.e. you
can drag on the masked container).
* Added: Drag behavior to container via ``containerSlideDelay`` config option.
This means you are no longer limited to dragging on the toolbar only. This
more closely mimics the behavior of the FB menu.
0.2.1 (Jan 31, 2013)
* Added ability to dock the navigation list to the right or left of the screen.
Thanks to ElMassimo for the work on this.
* #7: Stop auto-focus of elements beneath slideButton.
* #9: Added `slideButtonDefaults` config option.
0.2.0 (Dec 10, 2012)
* Updated to work with Sencha Touch 2.1 and is no longer compatible
with earlier versions.
* CSS for styling the drop-shadow of the container when open is now
configurable via the ``shadowStyle`` configuration variable.
* Added events and actions.
* When the active item is changed and ``closeOnSelect`` is ``true``,
the container will not close until the new item has been fully
painted. This makes the animation much smoother and generally looks
* Items can now be 'disabled' (masked) when the container is open. To
enable this, the ``itemMask`` variable should be set to ``true`` or a
valid ``Object`` for creating a new mask. Additionally, any items that
should be masked must have the configuration variable ``maskOnOpen`` set
to ``true``.
* Removed ``onContainerDrag`` as it is not needed. This should make
dragging slightly smoother.
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