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Sliding side menu for Sencha Touch apps. Inspired by Facebook's mobile app menu.

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Slide Navigation

This is an attempt to make a Facebook-like navigation panel for Sencha Touch 2.
To see a current working demo, visit
on a mobile device (only iOS and Safari have been tested).  To see the
navigation menu in the example, "flick" the toolbar (at the top) to the right;
the opposite action can be used to close the menu.

This is a work in progress and still needs work.

Getting Started

Using the SlideNavigation view in your project is now easier than before.
Simply add the following at the beginning of your app:

    Ext.Loader.setPath('SlideNavigation', 'lib/slide');

Adjust the string "lib/slide" to wherever you have placed the "slide" folder.
Then in whatever component you wish to use the view, add:

    requires = [

For a more complete example, see "app.js".

To compile the code, do:
    sencha build -p app.jsb3 -d ./
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