AWS Lambda function for updating a Hugo blog hosted in S3/CloudFront
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This Go code is meant to be run in AWS Lambda and is what I use to update my blog, the source of which is stored on GitHub and hosted in S3 and CloudFront.


  1. Download the 64-bit Linux version of hugo from here:
  2. Put the hugo binary in the same directory as this repository
  3. Create the AWS Lambda bundle: GOOS=linux go build main.go && zip main hugo
  4. This will create which is your Lambda function.

When you create you Lambda function, pick a decent function timeout and memory usage. I use a 1 Minute timeout and 512MB function memory and it works for me. YYMV.

Environment variables to set

Env Var Description example
GIT_REPO The URL for the Git repository that hosts your Hugo blog
S3_BUCKET The S3 bucket that hosts your blog
S3_REGION The AWS region your S3 bucket lives in us-east-1
CLOUDFRONT_DISTRO (Optional) The CloudFront that should invalidated on update E3W5ET0Z9WW0IT