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" .vimrc
" Configuration for both console and GUI Vim sessions.
" (See .gvimrc for GUI-specific configuration.)
""" Basic Settings
" Use Vim settings instead of vi settings. Set this early,
" as it changes many other options as a side effect.
set nocompatible
set shortmess+=I " Don't show the Vim welcome screen.
set autoindent " Copy indent from current line for new line.
set nosmartindent " 'smartindent' breaks right-shifting of # lines.
set hidden " Keep changed buffers without requiring saves.
set history=5000 " Remember this many command lines.
set ruler " Always show the cursor position.
set showcmd " Display incomplete commands.
set incsearch " Do incremental searching.
set hlsearch " Highlight latest search pattern.
set number " Display line numbers.
set numberwidth=4 " Minimum number of columns to show for line numbers.
set laststatus=2 " Always show a status line.
set visualbell t_vb= " Use null visual bell (no beeps or flashes).
set scrolloff=3 " Context lines at top and bottom of display.
set sidescrolloff=5 " Context columns at left and right.
set sidescroll=1 " Number of chars to scroll when scrolling sideways.
set nowrap " Don't wrap the display of long lines.
set linebreak " Wrap at 'breakat' char vs display edge if 'wrap' on.
set display=lastline " Display as much of a window's last line as possible.
set splitright " Split new vertical windows right of current window.
set splitbelow " Split new horizontal windows under current window.
set winminheight=0 " Allow windows to shrink to status line.
set winminwidth=0 " Allow windows to shrink to vertical separator.
set expandtab " Insert spaces for <Tab> press; use spaces to indent.
set smarttab " Tab respects 'shiftwidth', 'tabstop', 'softtabstop'.
set tabstop=2 " Set the visible width of tabs.
set softtabstop=2 " Edit as if tabs are 2 characters wide.
set shiftwidth=2 " Number of spaces to use for indent and unindent.
set shiftround " Round indent to a multiple of 'shiftwidth'.
set ignorecase " Ignore case for pattern matches (\C overrides).
set smartcase " Override 'ignorecase' if pattern contains uppercase.
set nowrapscan " Don't allow searches to wrap around EOF.
set nocursorline " Don't highlight the current screen line...
set nocursorcolumn " ...or screen column...
set colorcolumn= " ...or margins (but see toggle_highlights.vim).
set virtualedit=block " Allow virtual editing when in Visual Block mode.
set foldcolumn=0 " Number of columns to show at left for folds.
set foldnestmax=3 " Only allow 3 levels of folding.
set foldlevelstart=99 " Start with all folds open.
set whichwrap+=<,>,[,] " Allow left/right arrows to move across lines.
set nomodeline " Ignore modelines.
set nojoinspaces " Don't get fancy with the spaces when joining lines.
set textwidth=0 " Don't auto-wrap lines except for specific filetypes.
set background=dark " Try to use colors suitable for a dark background.
" Turn 'list' off by default, since it interferes with 'linebreak' and
" 'breakat' formatting (and it's ugly and noisy), but define characters to use
" when it's turned on.
set nolist
set listchars =tab:>- " Start and body of tabs
set listchars+=trail:. " Trailing spaces
set listchars+=extends:> " Last column when line extends off right
set listchars+=precedes:< " First column when line extends off left
set listchars+=eol:$ " End of line
set backspace=indent,eol,start " Backspace over everything in Insert mode
set noshowmatch " Don't jump to matching characters
set matchpairs=(:),[:],{:},<:> " Character pairs for use with %, 'showmatch'
set matchtime=1 " In tenths of seconds, when showmatch is on
set wildmenu " Use menu for completions
set wildmode=full
if has("win32")
set grepprg=internal " Windows findstr.exe just isn't good enough.
" Enable mouse support if it's available.
if has('mouse')
set mouse=a
" Add a dictionary for i_CTRL-X_CTRL-K word completion.
if has("unix")
set dictionary+=/usr/share/dict/words
""" Backup files and directories
" Keep a backup file for all platforms except VMS. (VMS supports automatic
" versioning.)
if has("vms")
set nobackup
set backup
" Prepend OS-appropriate temporary directories to the backupdir list.
if has("unix") " (including OS X)
" Remove the current directory from the backup directory list.
set backupdir-=.
" Save backup files in the current user's ~/tmp directory, or in the
" system /tmp directory if that's not possible.
set backupdir^=~/tmp,/tmp
" Try to put swap files in ~/tmp (using the munged full pathname of
" the file to ensure uniqueness). Use the same directory as the
" current file if ~/tmp isn't available.
set directory=~/tmp//,.
elseif has("win32")
" Remove the current directory from the backup directory list.
set backupdir-=.
" Save backup files in the current user's TEMP directory
" (that is, whatever the TEMP environment variable is set to).
set backupdir^=$TEMP
" Put swap files in TEMP, too.
set directory=$TEMP\\\\
" Update the swap file every 20 characters. I don't like to lose stuff.
set updatecount=20
" Switch on syntax highlighting when the terminal has colors, or when running
" in the GUI. Set the do_syntax_sel_menu flag to tell $VIMRUNTIME/menu.vim
" to expand the syntax menu.
" Note: This happens before the 'Autocommands' section below to give the syntax
" command a chance to trigger loading the menus (vs. letting the filetype
" command do it). If do_syntax_sel_menu isn't set beforehand, the syntax menu
" won't get populated.
if &t_Co > 2 || has("gui_running")
let do_syntax_sel_menu=1
syntax on
" Use pathogen for better plugin management.
call pathogen#infect()
""" Autocommands
if has("autocmd") && !exists("autocommands_loaded")
" Set a flag to indicate that autocommands have already been loaded,
" so we only do this once. I use this flag instead of just blindly
" running `autocmd!` (which removes all autocommands from the
" current group) because `autocmd!` breaks the syntax highlighting /
" syntax menu expansion logic.
let autocommands_loaded = 1
" Enable filetype detection, so language-dependent plugins, indentation
" files, syntax highlighting, etc., are loaded for specific filetypes.
" Note: See $HOME/.vim/ftplugin and $HOME/.vim/after/ftplugin for
" most local filetype autocommands and customizations.
filetype plugin indent on
" When editing a file, always jump to the last known cursor
" position. Don't do it when the position is invalid or when inside
" an event handler (happens when dropping a file on gvim).
autocmd BufReadPost *
\ if line("'\"") > 0 && line("'\"") <= line("$") |
\ exe "normal g`\"" |
\ endif
" Create the hook for the per-window configuration. Both WinEnter
" and VimEnter are used, since WinEnter doesn't fire for the first
" window.
" Based on ideas from here:
autocmd WinEnter,VimEnter * call s:ConfigureWindow()
" Resize Vim windows to equal heights and widths when Vim itself
" is resized.
autocmd VimResized * wincmd =
" Open quickfix and fugitive's git commit windows at full horizontal
" width. Via
autocmd FileType qf,gitcommit wincmd J
" Treat buffers from stdin (e.g.: echo foo | vim -) as scratch buffers.
autocmd StdinReadPost * :set buftype=nofile
" Experiment to force a script to run as late as possible. This is close,
" but a few scripts still run after it.
autocmd VimEnter * :source ~/.vim/run-last.vim
endif " has("autocmd")
""" Key mappings
" Set 'selection', 'selectmode', 'mousemodel' and 'keymodel' to make
" both keyboard- and mouse-based highlighting behave more like Windows
" and OS X. (These are the same settings you get with `:behave mswin`.)
" Note: 'selectmode', 'keymodel', and 'selection' are also set within
" map_movement_keys.vim, since they're critical to the behavior of those
" mappings (although they should be set to the same values there as here.)
" Note: Under MacVim, `:let macvim_hig_shift_movement = 1` will cause MacVim
" to set selectmode and keymodel. See `:help macvim-shift-movement` for
" details.
set selectmode=mouse,key
set keymodel=startsel,stopsel
set selection=exclusive
set mousemodel=popup
" These settings are taken from the $VIMRUNTIME/mswin.vim file, which is
" normally used to make Vim behave more like a native MS-Windows
" application. I don't source that file any longer, but I still want
" some of the mappings when running in Windows. (Mappings that I always
" want, regardless of platform, are below this conditional.)
if has("win32")
" CTRL-X and SHIFT-Del are Cut
vnoremap <C-X> "+x
vnoremap <S-Del> "+x
" CTRL-C and CTRL-Insert are Copy
vnoremap <C-C> "+y
vnoremap <C-Insert> "+y
" CTRL-V and SHIFT-Insert are Paste
map <C-V> "+gP
map <S-Insert> "+gP
cmap <C-V> <C-R>+
cmap <S-Insert> <C-R>+
" Pasting blockwise and linewise selections is not possible in Insert and
" Visual mode without the +virtualedit feature. They are pasted as if
" they were characterwise instead. Uses the paste.vim autoload script.
exe 'inoremap <script> <C-V>' paste#paste_cmd['i']
exe 'vnoremap <script> <C-V>' paste#paste_cmd['v']
imap <S-Insert> <C-V>
vmap <S-Insert> <C-V>
" For CTRL-V to work autoselect must be off.
" On Unix we have two selections, autoselect can be used.
if !has("unix")
set guioptions-=a
" Use CTRL-Q to do what CTRL-V used to do
noremap <C-Q> <C-V>
" CTRL-F4 is Close window
noremap <C-F4> <C-W>c
inoremap <C-F4> <C-O><C-W>c
cnoremap <C-F4> <C-C><C-W>c
onoremap <C-F4> <C-C><C-W>c
" Control+Tab moves to the next window.
noremap <C-Tab> <C-W>w
inoremap <C-Tab> <C-O><C-W>w
cnoremap <C-Tab> <C-C><C-W>w
onoremap <C-Tab> <C-C><C-W>w
" Alt-Space is System menu
if has("gui")
noremap <M-Space> :simalt ~<CR>
inoremap <M-Space> <C-O>:simalt ~<CR>
cnoremap <M-Space> <C-C>:simalt ~<CR>
" Control+A is Select All.
noremap <C-A> gggH<C-O>G
inoremap <C-A> <C-O>gg<C-O>gH<C-O>G
cnoremap <C-A> <C-C>gggH<C-O>G
onoremap <C-A> <C-C>gggH<C-O>G
snoremap <C-A> <C-C>gggH<C-O>G
xnoremap <C-A> <C-C>ggVG
" Control+S saves the current file (if it's been changed).
noremap <C-S> :update<CR>
vnoremap <C-S> <C-C>:update<CR>
inoremap <C-S> <C-O>:update<CR>
" Control+Z is Undo, in Normal and Insert mode.
noremap <C-Z> u
inoremap <C-Z> <C-O>u
endif " has("win32")
" Backspace in Visual mode deletes selection.
vnoremap <BS> d
" F2 inserts the date and time at the cursor.
inoremap <F2> <C-R>=strftime("%c")<CR>
nmap <F2> a<F2><Esc>
" F7 formats the current/highlighted paragraph.
" XXX: Consider changing this to gwap to maintain logical cursor position.
nnoremap <F7> gqap
inoremap <F7> <C-O>gqap
vnoremap <F7> gq
" Q does the same thing as <F7> (except in Insert mode, of course). I'm
" retraining myself to use Q instead of a function key, since it's kind
" of a de facto standard keystroke.
nnoremap Q gqap
xnoremap Q gq
" Shift+F7 joins all lines of the current paragraph or highlighted block
" into a single line.
nnoremap <S-F7> vipJ
inoremap <S-F7> <Esc>vipJi
vnoremap <S-F7> J
" Tab/Shift+Tab indent/unindent the highlighted block (and maintain the
" highlight after changing the indentation). Works for both Visual and Select
" modes.
vnoremap <Tab> >gv
vnoremap <S-Tab> <gv
" Map Control+Up/Down to move lines and selections up and down.
runtime map_line_block_mover_keys.vim
" Disable paste-on-middle-click.
map <MiddleMouse> <Nop>
map <2-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
map <3-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
map <4-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
imap <MiddleMouse> <Nop>
imap <2-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
imap <3-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
imap <4-MiddleMouse> <Nop>
" Control+Backslash toggles a lot of useful, but visually-noisy, features
" (like search/match highlighting, 'list', and 'cursorline', etc.). Note the
" :execute (vs. :call); see ToggleHighlight() for details.
runtime toggle_highlights.vim
nnoremap <silent> <C-Bslash> :execute ToggleHighlights()<CR>
imap <silent> <C-BSlash> <Esc><C-BSlash>a
vmap <silent> <C-BSlash> <Esc><C-BSlash>gv
" Control+Hyphen (yes, I know it says underscore) repeats the character above
" the cursor.
inoremap <C-_> <C-Y>
" Center the display line after searches. (This makes it *much* easier to see
" the matched line.)
" More info:
nnoremap n nzz
nnoremap N Nzz
nnoremap * *zz
nnoremap # #zz
nnoremap g* g*zz
nnoremap g# g#zz
" Draw lines of dashes or equal signs based on the length of the line
" immediately above.
" k Move up 1 line
" yy Yank whole line
" p Put line below current line
" ^ Move to beginning of line
" v$ Visually highlight to end of line
" r- Replace highlighted portion with dashes / equal signs
" j Move down one line
" a Return to Insert mode
" XXX: Convert this to a function and make the symbol a parameter.
" XXX: Consider making abbreviations/mappings for ---<CR> and ===<CR>
inoremap <C-U>- <Esc>kyyp^v$r-ja
inoremap <C-U>= <Esc>kyyp^v$r=ja
" Comma+SingleQuote toggles single/double quoting of the current string.
" XXX: Consider replacing with surround.vim plugin.
runtime switch_quotes.vim
nnoremap <silent> ,' :call SwitchQuotesOnCurrentString()<CR>
" Define maps to set the filetype for the current buffer to JavaScript (for
" syntax highlighting), then format the current buffer as indented JSON.
" For visual mode, just format without setting the filetype. (This allows
" for easy formatting of JSON included in a non-JSON file.)
nnoremap ,j :set filetype=javascript<CR>:%!python -m json.tool<CR>
xnoremap ,j :!python -m json.tool<CR>
" Edit user's vimrc and gvimrc in new tabs.
nnoremap ,ev :tabedit $MYGVIMRC<CR>:tabedit $MYVIMRC<CR>
" Make page-forward and page-backward work in insert mode.
inoremap <C-F> <C-O><C-F>
inoremap <C-B> <C-O><C-B>
" Make Option+Up/Down work as PageUp and PageDown
nnoremap <M-Up> <PageUp>
inoremap <M-Up> <PageUp>
vnoremap <M-Up> <PageUp>
nnoremap <M-Down> <PageDown>
inoremap <M-Down> <PageDown>
vnoremap <M-Down> <PageDown>
" Overload Control+L to clear the search highlight as it's redrawing the screen.
nnoremap <C-L> :nohlsearch<CR><C-L>
inoremap <C-L> <Esc>:nohlsearch<CR><C-L>a
vnoremap <C-L> <Esc>:nohlsearch<CR><C-L>gv
" Insert spaces to match spacing on first previous non-blank line.
runtime insert_matching_spaces.vim
inoremap <expr> <S-Tab> InsertMatchingSpaces()
" Keep the working line in the center of the window. This is a toggle, so you
" can bounce between centered-working-line scrolling and normal scrolling by
" issuing the keystroke again.
" From this message on the MacVim mailing list:
nnoremap \zz :let &scrolloff=999-&scrolloff<CR>
" Toggle wrapping the display of long lines (and display the current 'wrap'
" state once it's been toggled).
nnoremap \w :set invwrap<BAR>set wrap?<CR>
" Load the functions used by the literal-search mappings below.
runtime search_enhancements.vim
" Define mappings to paste string-literal versions of register contents, to
" make it easy to build complex C/Java/JavaScript/Perl/etc. strings.
runtime paste_into_c_string.vim
" Map Control+G in command-line mode to allow the user to enter
" a string that, once the user presses Enter, will be automatically
" converted to a 'literal pattern' -- that is, a pattern with
" all metacharacters and slashes and backslashes already escaped.
" (See notes in GetLiteralPattern() for an explanation of why this isn't an
" <expr> mapping.)
cnoremap <C-G> <C-R><C-R>=GetLiteralPattern()<CR>
" Search for the current visually-highlighted text. The text is automatically
" escaped as with the <C-G> cmap above.
" Note: This overwrites the @v register.
xnoremap \/ "vy/<C-R><C-R>=StringToPattern(@v)<CR>
xnoremap \? "vy?<C-R><C-R>=StringToPattern(@v)<CR>
" Make * and # act similar to their normal-mode versions, but for the
" visually-highlighted text. Note that these build on the mappings
" immediately above.
xmap * \/<CR>
xmap # \?<CR>
" Toggle the NERD Tree window
nnoremap ,. :NERDTreeToggle<CR>
" Toggle the Taglist window
nnoremap \l :TlistToggle<CR>
" Delete to end of line, bash-style.
imap <C-K> <C-O>D
" Select just-pasted text.
nnoremap \v `[v`]
" Make it easy to :Tabularize
nnoremap \<Tab> <Esc>:Tabularize /
" Open a quickfix window with the most recent search
nnoremap <silent> ,/ :execute 'vimgrep /'.@/.'/g %'<CR>:copen<CR>
" Make the dot command operate over a Visual range.
" (Excellent tip from Drew Neil's Vim Masterclass.)
xnoremap . :normal .<CR>
" Shortcuts to commonly-used fugitive.vim features
nnoremap \gs :Gstatus<CR>
nnoremap \gd :Gvdiff<CR>
""" Commands
" View differences between the current buffer and the original file.
" (Based on code from $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim.)
if !exists(":DiffOrig")
command DiffOrig vertical new | set buftype=nofile | read # | 0d_ | diffthis
\ | wincmd p | diffthis
" Close current buffer without closing window.
command! Bd enew<Bar>bd #
" Define commands to redirect messages to a new buffer, window, or tab.
runtime redir_messages.vim
" Define the syntax-sensitive search commands, :SearchInside
" and :SearchOutside.
runtime search_with_skip.vim
""" Abbreviations
runtime set_abbreviations.vim
""" Extension settings (plugins, syntax files, etc.)
" Perl syntax
let perl_include_pod = 1
" unlet perl_want_scope_in_variables
" unlet perl_extended_vars
let perl_string_as_statement = 1
" unlet perl_no_sync_on_sub
" unlet perl_no_sync_on_global_var
" let perl_sync_dist = 100
let perl_fold = 1
let perl_fold_blocks = 1
" let perl_nofold_packages = 1
" let perl_nofold_subs = 1
" NERD Tree
let NERDChristmasTree=0
let NERDTreeHighlightCursorline=1
let NERDTreeShowHidden=1
let NERDTreeWinSize=30
" Taglist
" XXX: Set the correct pathname for Windows.
if has("unix")
let Tlist_Ctags_Cmd = '/usr/local/bin/ctags'
elseif has("win32")
let Tlist_Ctags_Cmd = 'ctags.exe'
let Tlist_Use_Right_Window = 1
" Netrw
" Use the tree style listing by default.
let g:netrw_liststyle=3
" UltiSnips
let g:UltiSnipsExpandTrigger = '<tab>'
let g:UltiSnipsJumpForwardTrigger = '<tab>'
let g:UltiSnipsJumpBackwardTrigger = '<s-tab>'
""" Local Functions
function! s:ConfigureWindow()
" Only do this once per window.
if exists('w:windowConfigured')
let w:windowConfigured = 1
" Highlight trailing whitespace, except when typing at the end of a line.
" More info:
" XXX: Disabled for now, since it's distracting during demos and classes.
"call matchadd('NonText', '\s\+\%#\@<!$')
" Highlight the usual to-do markers (including my initials followed by a
" colon), even if the current syntax highlighting doesn't include them.
call matchadd('Todo', 'XXX')
call matchadd('Todo', 'BUG')
call matchadd('Todo', 'HACK')
call matchadd('Todo', 'FIXME')
call matchadd('Todo', 'TODO')
call matchadd('Todo', 'WNO:')
" end .vimrc
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