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" map_line_block_mover_keys.vim
" Map Control+Up/Down to move lines and selections up and down.
" Based on
" Define maps for Normal and Visual modes, then re-use
" them for Insert and Select.
" Normal mode
nnoremap <silent> <C-Up> :move -2<CR>
nnoremap <silent> <C-Down> :move +<CR>
" Visual mode (only; does not include Select mode)
xnoremap <silent> <C-Up> :move '<-2<CR>gv
xnoremap <silent> <C-Down> :move '>+<CR>gv
" Insert mode
imap <silent> <C-Up> <C-O><C-Up>
imap <silent> <C-Down> <C-O><C-Down>
" Select mode
smap <silent> <C-Up> <C-G><C-Up><C-G>
smap <silent> <C-Down> <C-G><C-Down><C-G>
" end map_line_block_mover_keys.vim
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