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" toggle_highlights.vim
function! ToggleHighlights()
" Toggles visibility of search highlighting, 'list' characters (tabs, trailing
" spaces, newlines, etc.), cursor line/column, and the color column.
" Note: Search highlighting is a little odd, since (as far as I can tell)
" there's no way to determine if search highlighting is actually visible or
" not. You can check the 'hlsearch' setting, but that doesn't tell you if the
" user has executed the :nohlsearch command, which is what I really need to
" know.
" To deal with this, the first time this function is called, it acts as if the
" 'highlights are visible' flag is already true, indicating that search
" highlighting is on, since that will usually be the case. (The user will
" bounce on the toggle to turn off highlighting after a search.)
" Speaking of :nohlsearch... it doesn't accomplish much inside a function,
" since the highlighting state is restored when the function exits. To deal
" with this, the function doesn't attempt to run the command that affects
" search highlighting; instead, it *returns* the command as a string to the
" caller, so the caller can do this (usually inside a keymap)...
" :execute ToggleHighlights()
" ...and the effect will be that highlighting will be toggled appropriately.
" (Yes, this is hackish and weird, but I haven't yet come up with anything
" better.)
" XXX: This is still broken, or not-quite-unbroken-enough to make me happy.
" It doesn't even quite work the way I've described it above. :-/
" Flip the flag, or set it if it doesn't yet exist.
" Note that the flag starts off true (highlights are visible), since most
" of the time that this function is first called, it will be because the
" user wants to to turn *off* highlighting. Pretending it's already on
" when first run does a halfway-decent job of this.
let w:highlights_visible =
\ exists('w:highlights_visible') ? !w:highlights_visible : 1
let l:hlsearch_command = ''
" Change highlight visibility according to the state of the flag.
if w:highlights_visible " ...then turn them off
" Provide the command that the caller should use to temporarily
" turn off search highlighting.
let l:hlsearch_command = 'nohlsearch'
match none
set nolist
set nocursorline
set nocursorcolumn
set colorcolumn=
else " ...turn the highlights on
" Provide the command that the caller should use to (re)activate
" search highlighting. This will have no effect if 'hlsearch' is
" not set.
let l:hlsearch_command = 'let &hls = &hls'
set list
set cursorline
set cursorcolumn
set colorcolumn=80,96,132
" Return the command that should be executed in order to
" affect search highlighting.
return l:hlsearch_command
" end toggle_highlights.vim